Why Laughing is Good for Health

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People should laugh a lot for any reason they can find because it turns out that laughing provides health benefits.
Various studies have proven that laughter affects several body functions. Besides bringing happiness, laughter can even increase your appetite.

There are several reasons why laughing is good for health. There are some parts of our body that could feel the effects of laughing, according to Foxnews.

1. Burn Calories
Every muscle are tense when we laugh out loud. Nearly all muscles from the face, abdomen and even hands and feets.

Muscle contractions that occur increases heart rate and respiratory rate, because the oxygen demand for calorie burning increases. But it can not burn calories as much as an exercise, so do not ever replace the habit of jogging one morning by watching comedy movies.

2. Improve immune
It is a law of nature that a low stress level is always followed by an increase in immune system. Therefore, happy laughter may help prevent infections.

Belly shake that occurs when laughing reportedly also can accelerate the rate of metabolism, so that body toxins are released quickly. Again, this provides more benefits for immunity.

3. Maintain heart health
Recent research at Loma Linda University in California shows that habits of watching comedy movies every day can raise levels of good cholesterol (HDL) by 26 percent within a year. This increase could prevent the risks of heart and blood vessels disease.

Similar results were also obtained when the habit is tested in people with diabetes.

4. Relieve pain
In patients with chronic pain, the effects of laughing actually only diverts attention and does not heal. But in one study, laughter can make most patients feel better and more spirited in facing their illness.

5. Good for mental health
The release of endorphins increase when someone is laughing. This hormone is responsible for presenting a feeling of comfort, so it is good to relieve stress.

In people with depression, laughter can get rid of negative feelings. Increased levels of endorphins are also useful for overcoming anxiety when experiencing depression

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