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Congratulations to Our Contract Manufacturer CSPC for Passing U.S. FDA Inspection

Congratulations to our contract manufacturer CSPC Zhongrun Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd for passing the U.S. FDA inspection during October 22nd to October 26th, 2012 under the strong support from our team. For this inspection, there were two FDA inspectors, one is the top inspector and pre-approval team leader for 24 districts in United States with the professional background about pharmaceutical production and regulatory affairs, etc, and the other is a chemist with the professional background as well. In the wrap-up meeting, CSPC Zhongrun Inner Mongolia got approval recommendation as the inspection conclusion.

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Rainbow Labs Obtained the Title of Service Outsourcing Enterprise

On Oct.31, 2012, Rainbow Labs (Joint laboratory between China and Europe) spreads out a good news: Rainbow Labs obtained the Hebei Province Service Outsourcing Enterprise Certificate which jointly issued by Hebei Province Science Technology Department, Hebei Province Industry and Information Technology Department, Hebei Province Commerce Department.

The establishment of Rainbow Labs is committed to providing service outsourcing of product quality test, stability research outsourcing service, impurity analysis outsourcing service, CRO service, regulatory support outsourcing service, research and development outsourcing service, supplier qualification and audit, supply chain service, the whole solution of global purchasing strategies and contract manufacturing, assist the pharmaceutical company of China enter into the international high-end market.

Rainbow is the testing laboratory enterprise obtained the FDA certification in China, also is one of the only high-tech enterprises obtained the FDA laboratory testing approval in North of China. Shijiazhuang Rainbow Medical Technology CO., LTD will continue to depend on the advantage of international registration and certification, will unswervingly insist on the strategy of quality innovation combining with the high-end market access, and will provide the high-quality outsourcing service to pharmaceutical company in China; in order to improve the frontier quality standard and integrated management standard of Shijiazhuang as the medical town in China, to make more contribution for the economic construction and the human health.

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In the beginning of October, We get two important licenses for running veterinary drug business in China. With these licenses and FDA qualification, we could do even better than ever.



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On 11th Aug., 2012, a great news spreads from Shijiazhuang Rainbowlabs Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd: Rainbowlabs has received the official approval letter from U.S. Food and Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as FDA) which confirms Rainbowlabs’ testing ability. The letter states clearly that Rainbowlabs has achieved FDA’s approval, and indicates that Rainbowlabs has become one of a handful of testing laboratory enterprises confirmed by FDA throughout the country and the only high-tech laboratory enterprise in North China with FDA approval.

FDA is one of the most authoritative and strictest global drug quality control organization. Having achieved FDA approval means that the quality system and testing ability of Rainbowlabs have reached the highest international standards. Shijiazhuang Rainbowlabs Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd approved by FDA pushes firmly domestic pharmaceutical enterprises to be admitted into European and American regulation markets, to overcome trade barriers, and to enter into international high-end medical market. Meanwhile, it sets up a new quality benchmarking for Chinese pharmaceutical industry who takes part in the R&D of new products and technologies according to the highest international quality standards.

Shijiazhuang Rainbowlabs Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd will continue to increase the effort of international registration and certification, insist constantly in the combination strategy between quality innovation and high-end access, push the front quality standard and comprehensive management level of Shijiazhuang as a medical town of China, and make more contribution for capital economy development and human health career.



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In this summer, we organized an outdoor activity for the whole staff including mountain hiking
and rafting which forged the strong physique and improved the teamwork. As our slogan says,
we care for healthier lives.


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